Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Auto

flowering 60-75 days high Relaxed genetics Mostly Indica yield 450 - 600 grams per m2 gender Autoflowering climate Hot, Temperate

The classic BLUE CHEESE™ is now available in an auto-flowering variant.

This strain is easy to grow and it’s high productivity makes this one of the best auto-flowering strains on the market.

This ground-breaking strain is the end product of BLUE CHEESE crossed with a unique Ruderalis breeding strain.

BLUE CHEESE AUTO grows with very little effort and will flourish in most conditions; vegetation automatically shifts into flowering in the fifth week.

The fragrance and cheesy earthy flavours of the original mouth-watering BLUE CHEESE dominate this auto-flowering plant, which will always have you coming back for more.

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Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Auto - Specifications

The famous Blue Cheese flavour now comes in a new compact auto-flowering plant. It is incredable, what this seed can achieve in just 75 days from germination.
60-75 days
Hot, Temperate